Don’t you wish your girlfriend had a body like Misty Anderson? I know right?

It’s not only how sexy Misty Anderson is, but it’s also what she can do with her body… Misty Anderson is so damn flexible…

sexy misty anderson 03

Now close your eyes and just imagine what Misty Anderson can do with her sexy tight body… Oh, the things she can do… Must be beautiful!

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With an ass like Misty Anderson has… She can have any man she wants… Of course the boobs Misty Anderson has helps too!

sexy misty anderson 02

Overall Misty Anderson is the complete package!

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Misty Anderson has always had a killer bikini body; The first time I met Misty Anderson she was wearing a bikini… It’s up on Youtube someplace.

Now we have Misty Anderson at that very same pool I first met her at, in a bikini, bending over, and pulling her bikini bottom over to the side…

misty anderson tight ass bikini

And you wonder why I am Misty Anderson’s biggest fan?

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Right about now I am seeing Misty Anderson in a whole new light…. I’ve never seen Misty Anderson with her legs spread like this, masturbating herself with her fingers. Fucking hot.

I love seeing Misty Anderson any way I can, but I love her in high heels the most!

misty anderson spreading her legs high heels

Now all I need to see is Misty Anderson with a huge cock in her mouth and then I can die a happy man!

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I can watch Misty Anderson rub her boobies with other hot lesbian chicks all day long…. Smoking hot!

sexy misty anderson 34

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Of course a chick like Misty Anderson has lots of friends… Lots of hot friends. I don’t know who this hot slut is, but I am guessing that she isn’t wearing any panties. Because all of the friends that Misty Anderson has some smoking hot sexy friends… And clearly this blonde slut wants to get it on with Misty Anderson

sexy misty anderson 01

That must be why she’s feeling up her breast…

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I love Misty Anderson no matter what… But I love her more today in this sexy photo… Misty Anderson is wearing a cute pair of short shorts and a little top that just screams country girl and hot little tight slut…

I love the long legs that Misty Anderson has, and her perky rack…

sexy misty anderson 38

This is exactly what I want to see Misty Anderson wear on my wedding day when I get married to her!

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Wow, Misty Anderson just gets hotter and hotter… Look at her – she’s got a perfect body and perfect tits…

Of course Misty Anderson is wearing thigh high stockings and slutty high heels – and nothing else… We can see her sexy little pussy patch – a neat little landing strip!

misty anderson tight body stockings high heels

I know Misty Anderson likes to show off, but that’s just too hot!

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Why is it that Misty Anderson always has the hot girlfriends?

sexy misty anderson 27

It’s got to suck when the woman of your dreams has a hotter girlfriend than you do!

sexy misty anderson 36

Time for you to hit the gym again slacker! You know Misty Anderson is hitting the gym daily!

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Every time I see Misty Anderson is sexy lingerie it’s super hot. It doesn’t need to be anything special; A purple and black lace bra and matching panties and some sexy boots is plenty enough to get me off. And when Misty Anderson is wearing it you just know it’s too hot to handle…

misty anderson sexy lingerie

But all I want to see is Misty Anderson getting naked… What more can a man ask for?

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