Misty Anderson naked in the shower…. Now that’s how I wan to start every day!

sexy misty anderson 28

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Boobs Popping Out

When you got the titties, you need to bring it. And that’s exactly what Misty Anderson is doing here – this is one of my favorite photos of Misty Anderson. But then again, I do love me the bikini don’t I? Yum.

And with the way her titties are about ready to bust here it’s super fucking hot! Bikinis and boobs are always hot!


Misty Anderson has the perfect little bikini body doesn’t she?

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Super Sexy Panties

I guess this counts as a skirt, right? Right.

I like this picture of Misty Anderson. She just look freaking happy. She’s down on her knees on the bed, pulling up her skirt and showing off her panties…. Hot hot hot!

I want to pry those panties off with my freaking tongue…

sexy misty anderson 25

Now it’s time to wrestle her panties off of her and then have our way with her… But only if you can wrestle Misty Anderson to the bed – chances are she can kick your ass!

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Misty Anderson loves getting naked outside… And those are the kinds of chicks that are fun to fuck. I can just imagine Misty Anderson being lots of fun in the sack.

Looks like she’s biting her lip; Misty Anderson just can’t get naked fast enough!

misty anderson naked outside 7

But very slowly Misty Anderson is working those shorts off of her hot ass…

misty anderson naked outside 3

And when Misty Anderson gets naked outside, it’s a sight worth waiting for!

misty anderson naked outside 2 misty anderson naked outside 4 misty anderson naked outside 5 misty anderson naked outside 6

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Who wants to go Skinny Dipping with Misty Anderson? She’s all ready, or at least Misty Anderson has her shirt off and her titties out…. Now she’s ready to jump in!

And everyone wants to go swimming with Misty Anderson!

sexy misty anderson 19

I would love to go skinny dipping with Misty Anderson… Super hot!

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Misty Anderson can try to be coy and sexy like at the same time with her titties out… But we know that Misty Anderson isn’t shy or coy. She’s the freaky one!

sexy misty anderson 18

In fact, Misty Anderson is the kind of woman your mother warned you about!

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Misty Anderson loves working out. It shows too.

She’s got a great body and the most perfect tits, and we all know how all men like tits. Women too.

Misty Anderson is all ready for her work out… But we really want to see her working out naked. Because when Misty Anderson works out naked, well, it’s just super hot.

misty anderson-work out1

You know Misty Anderson gets naked during this work out, but you’ll have to join up to see those pictures…

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You just got to love a chick with hot perky boobs… And clearly Misty Anderson has a great rack!

sexy misty anderson 17

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Not only does Misty Anderson like getting naked outside, she’s also a horny chick… That loves getting off as much as she can – and as often as she can.

Right about now Misty Anderson has lost her shirt and she’s sliding her pants down her short shorts because she wants to masturbate…

sexy misty anderson 16

You can just imagine how Misty Anderson likes to masturbate with her hand down her shorts!

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When Misty Anderson is on the floor like this looking up at you… It means one thing and one thing only… You are about to get a blow job from Misty Anderson!

sexy misty anderson 15

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