Misty Anderson sure knows how to rock the bikini, huh? I know RIGHT!

sexy misty anderson 35

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Hot damn, Misty Anderson knocks it out of the park with her bikini on…. Bikinis are great, showing off as much skin as possible in public without getting arrested, but let’s face it a hot bikini is all about the boobs. And sexy Misty Anderson has a great bikini body!

In this case the tits sure do make the bikini!

misty anderson hot bikini

I think the very first time I met Misty Anderson… She was in fact wearing a sexy bikini!

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When Misty Anderson bends over like this… I swear my heart skips a beat. It’s too hot for me to handle. And I can handle anything.

sexy misty anderson 32

The thong, the black stockings, the high heels, the ass…. It’s all just way too much for me to handle. I think my heart just gave out….

My god I would pay any amount of money to tap that sweet ass! I love Misty Anderson!

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here’s another shot of Misty Anderson that ranks up there as one of the top ten hottest pictures of Misty Anderson ever…

She’s naked except for the stockings and high heels. I can see her snatch and her boobies in the mirror, and her ass… Nice. I love how the stockings have little pink bows on them…

sexy misty anderson 29

I love Misty Anderson. I want to marry her!

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Misty Anderson was taking a shower when she got horny… And Misty Anderson being who she is… She decided to get down on the floor and masturbate using only her fingers and the shower…

sexy misty anderson 30

A woman has got to do what a woman has got to do… One would think that Misty Anderson could have any man in the world satisfy her but instead Misty Anderson decided to do it on her own with her fingers in the shower!

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Here’s another hot shot of Misty Anderson… Showing off her short skirt, her ass, her boobies…. That’s just perfect right there!

sexy misty anderson 23

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Hot Wet Ass

Misty Anderson would win any wet t-shirt contest hands down. She’s got a perfect little rack. They say there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to boobies, but I want my boobs to have just enough to play with. Fun to look at, fun to play with, otherwise… A waste. And Misty Anderson has just the right amount.

She looks great in her wet t-shirt…

misty anderson wins wet t-shirt contest 1

And even her ass in her short shorts… When it’s wet it looks great!

misty anderson wins wet t-shirt contest 2

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Why is it that Misty Anderson loves kissing other chicks to much…

sexy misty anderson 31

Who cares, as long as we get to watch Misty Anderson sharing her sweet tender lesbian kisses!!!

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Sexy Misty Anderson loves getting naked and she strips down any chance she gets…. It’s super hot! Today Misty Anderson is in the back yard with her panties sliding down, playing with her titties, and her pussy….

What a neat little landing strip Misty Anderson has for a pussy. I would suck on that all freaking day!

sexy misty anderson playing with her pussy

Misty Anderson might be over thirty, but she’s still as hot as the first day I met her!

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See, it’s pictures of Misty Anderson like this that make me want to come in my pants… Instantly!

sexy misty anderson 21

Misty Anderson in stockings pulling her panties down… Is really way more than I can handle right now….

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