Of course a chick like Misty Anderson has lots of friends… Lots of hot friends. I don’t know who this hot slut is, but I am guessing that she isn’t wearing any panties. Because all of the friends that Misty Anderson has some smoking hot sexy friends… And clearly this blonde slut wants to get it on with Misty Anderson

sexy misty anderson 01

That must be why she’s feeling up her breast…

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I love Misty Anderson no matter what… But I love her more today in this sexy photo… Misty Anderson is wearing a cute pair of short shorts and a little top that just screams country girl and hot little tight slut…

I love the long legs that Misty Anderson has, and her perky rack…

sexy misty anderson 38

This is exactly what I want to see Misty Anderson wear on my wedding day when I get married to her!

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Wow, Misty Anderson just gets hotter and hotter… Look at her – she’s got a perfect body and perfect tits…

Of course Misty Anderson is wearing thigh high stockings and slutty high heels – and nothing else… We can see her sexy little pussy patch – a neat little landing strip!

misty anderson tight body stockings high heels

I know Misty Anderson likes to show off, but that’s just too hot!

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Hottest Bike Ride

Leave it to me to be about five years behind the times – I just re-discovered the joys of biking all over again. Being as this photo is a few years old, well, I wish I knew that Misty Anderson was into biking when I had my chance. I would have spent hours chasing after her, watching her tight little ass in those short shorts pedaling all over the place…. With an ass like Misty Anderson has, yes, I would follow that anywhere.


And when Misty Anderson pulls her top down it’s super sexy and hot too – even hotter knowing Misty Anderson is doing this outside!

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Why is it that Misty Anderson always has the hot girlfriends?

sexy misty anderson 27

It’s got to suck when the woman of your dreams has a hotter girlfriend than you do!

sexy misty anderson 36

Time for you to hit the gym again slacker! You know Misty Anderson is hitting the gym daily!

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Every time I see Misty Anderson is sexy lingerie it’s super hot. It doesn’t need to be anything special; A purple and black lace bra and matching panties and some sexy boots is plenty enough to get me off. And when Misty Anderson is wearing it you just know it’s too hot to handle…

misty anderson sexy lingerie

But all I want to see is Misty Anderson getting naked… What more can a man ask for?

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I love it when chicks get all dressed up…. Perfect!

Misty Anderson doesn’t always get dressed up often but when she does it’s well worth the wait… I would seriously wait until of time for Misty Anderson…. She’s that freaking hot!

sexy misty anderson 26

Misty Anderson wears it well too – Black stockings, sexy black bustier with her huge boobies sticking out… Very nice!

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I’ve known Misty Anderson for a long time, and I’ve never really thought of her as a glamour model. I’m not sure why I feel this way; Maybe I remember the younger Misty Anderson when she was young and full of giggles. Now she is a little bit older but even more sexier. I love her hair and how it’s nearly golden. Of course, I always considered myself a leg man so I love the long legs she has too!

Misty Anderson is always sexy no matter what….

misty anderson sexy babe

Those big brown eyes Misty Anderson has can make a dog break it’s chain!

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I still remember the first day I met Misty Anderson. It was in Phoenix; She was wearing a bikini. And that bikini wasn’t covering much. Misty Anderson was all tits and ass.

Still today Misty Anderson has a great fucking rack. Chicks like Misty Anderson always love to show off. And every day I am thankful Misty Anderson likes to tease us!

misty anderson cleavage

Then again, Misty Anderson also knows how to please too!

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I don’t believe Misty Anderson has ever worked as a stripper before, but just the thought of it gives me wood. Misty Anderson would make the perfect stripper – huge boobs and long legs!

Seems Misty Anderson has all of the right moves…


Opps, Misty Anderson is showing off her snatch… I wonder if she knows? But we don’t care, do we? We love seeing Misty Anderson’s pussy!


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