Misty Anderson has never looked hotter… She’s all grown up and sexier than ever!

She is the kind of chick that knows how to entertain a man… Misty Anderson knows that men like boobs and women who play dress up… And when Misty Anderson dresses up she looks smoking hot!

misty anderson sexy black stockings

Just imagine having those long legs wrapped around you! And I am guessing Misty Anderson is a control freak who likes to be on top!

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Misty Anderson is beautiful no matter what, but close up Misty Anderson is even more beautiful… And that rack! Oh my god we would die for to be able to play with her huge boobies!

It looks like her melons are about to burst out of that bra at any moment!

sexy misty anderson-close up bra cleavage

But then again it’s not like haven’t seen Misty Anderson showing off her huge boobs as often as she can. Sometimes I think Misty Anderson likes to show her boobs as much as we like seeing them!

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This is one of my favorite pictures of Misty Anderson… She looks beautiful here – big smile, big titties…. In fact, she’s all smiles and titties. And I know how all of us men like big titties!

What a great rack Misty Anderson has…

sexy misty anderson 06

But what’s up with that kitchen Misty Anderson is in? Looks like something out of the Jetsons… Don’t care. I just want Misty Anderson to make me a sammiewich – topless of course!

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Yum! We all dig chicks with cleavage, right? Right. Misty Anderson has always had a great rack from the very first day I’ve met her, and she still looks great. Wearing this sexy shirt that un-buttons in the front really shows off her sexy cleavage!

Looks like Misty Anderson is in love with her breasts. Then again, if I had a rack like Misty Anderson I would want to fondle my breasts all day long too!

mist anderson playing with juggs

Misty Anderson has a lot of cleavage for one chick!

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Damn… The older our friend Misty Anderson gets… The better her boobs get!

sexy misty anderson 05

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I love Misty Anderson. I can watch Misty Anderson all day long. I would watch her swimming, taking a shower, pulling down her panties… I’m not sure why Misty Anderson has her titties out and is pulling down her panties, but you aren’t about to catch me complaining that’s for sure!

Wow, look at those breasts…. And those long sexy legs Misty Andersonhas!

misty anderson sliding down her panties

Okay, here’s a sneak peak into the magical world of shooting porn…. Look in the reflection of the door and you can see the flash going off!

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I’ve always known Misty Anderson is a truck girl and it pisses me off knowing that she has a nicer truck than me… But I don’t complain too much when I see Misty Anderson posing in front of her big ass truck…

misty anderson truck pussy shot ass 1

And it’s even more of a turn on when we get to see her in her skirt when we can plainly see that Misty Anderson isn’t wearing any panties… What a beautiful shot of her ass, and even better, what a beautiful shot of her pussy too!

misty anderson truck pussy shot ass 2

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Plaid Skirt

I’ve always known that Misty Anderson is super sexy, but usually she’s just in regular causal clothes, shorts and jeans…. But now she’s showing off exactly how sexy Misty Anderson can really be!

She’s wearing a short skirt and sexy leather boots. Those boots are not usually my style, it looks like the boots are from the 1970s, but still hot! And the skirt…

misty anderson sexy leather boots1

Now we just need to figure out if Misty Anderson is wearing any panties! All she needs to do is lift up the skirt!

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I’ve always known that Misty Anderson is a wild and crazy girl… I know she likes to get naked outside, but I’ve never seen Misty Anderson change in a car. Okay, maybe I have Twice.

When Misty Anderson takes off her shirt we are reminded that she has huge boobs…

misty anderson gets naked in car 2

And it only gets better when Misty Anderson takes off her bra and lets her huge boobies free!

misty anderson gets naked in car 1

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You just got to love how Misty Anderson gets naked at the drop of the hat… Looks like Misty Anderson is on the farm right now…

sexy misty anderson 04

Damn, Misty Anderson has some super great sexy cleavage!

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