Sometimes I wonder if Misty Anderson is too physically fit for me…. I mean, sexy women turn me on – and Misty Anderson turns me on – but women that can kick my ass…. That might be too much. Then again, a woman that can take charge in the bedroom and climb top and get off until she gets off… That is a huge turn on too!


This is why Misty Anderson is such a turn on…

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I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Misty Anderson this freaking hot…. Misty Anderson has always been beautiful and has always had a perfect body, but seeing her wearing only her panties and high heels while her panties are down around her ankles is smoking hot!

Looks like Misty Anderson is super horny today too…. She’s got one hand on her breast and another hand on her pussy – she’s touching herself in ways that women only touch themselves when they want to get off!

super sexy misty anderson

And we can watch Misty Anderson masturbate all damn day long!

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Drunk And Horny

This is a picture of Misty Anderson when she’s drunk and super horny…


And that’s a picture of Misty Anderson that you won’t see anywhere else!

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I love the Misty Anderson has a lot of lesbian girlfriends… And this hot lesbian girlfriend – who has a great rack – has sex toy… A strap on dildo! And lesbians love using strap on dildos to fuck each other…

Misty Anderson is bent over and taking that strap on dildo from behind like a champion!

misty anderson fucked by lesbian

Something tells us that Misty Anderson has done this before!

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Don’t you wish your girlfriend had a body like Misty Anderson? I know right?

It’s not only how sexy Misty Anderson is, but it’s also what she can do with her body… Misty Anderson is so damn flexible…

sexy misty anderson 03

Now close your eyes and just imagine what Misty Anderson can do with her sexy tight body… Oh, the things she can do… Must be beautiful!

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With an ass like Misty Anderson has… She can have any man she wants… Of course the boobs Misty Anderson has helps too!

sexy misty anderson 02

Overall Misty Anderson is the complete package!

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Misty Anderson has always had a killer bikini body; The first time I met Misty Anderson she was wearing a bikini… It’s up on Youtube someplace.

Now we have Misty Anderson at that very same pool I first met her at, in a bikini, bending over, and pulling her bikini bottom over to the side…

misty anderson tight ass bikini

And you wonder why I am Misty Anderson’s biggest fan?

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Right about now I am seeing Misty Anderson in a whole new light…. I’ve never seen Misty Anderson with her legs spread like this, masturbating herself with her fingers. Fucking hot.

I love seeing Misty Anderson any way I can, but I love her in high heels the most!

misty anderson spreading her legs high heels

Now all I need to see is Misty Anderson with a huge cock in her mouth and then I can die a happy man!

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I can watch Misty Anderson rub her boobies with other hot lesbian chicks all day long…. Smoking hot!

sexy misty anderson 34

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Of course a chick like Misty Anderson has lots of friends… Lots of hot friends. I don’t know who this hot slut is, but I am guessing that she isn’t wearing any panties. Because all of the friends that Misty Anderson has some smoking hot sexy friends… And clearly this blonde slut wants to get it on with Misty Anderson

sexy misty anderson 01

That must be why she’s feeling up her breast…

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