Misty Anderson always makes a good cow girl, and if you know anything about Misty Anderson you know she’s not pretending… She’s a real life breathing cow girl, tight jeans and cowgirl hat and all!

Love the tight jean, and the perky rack… Super hot!

cowgirl misty anderson tight jeans t-shirt

I want to tear off her shirt and play with her perky boobs! I’ve always wanted to do this to Misty Anderson!

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Wow… Setting aside the sexy hair and the big fucking cleavage…. Seems Misty Anderson is wearing a short skirt and has her legs spread. And she left her panties at home…

We can see her snatch! All of it!

sexy misty anderson 14

I’ve always wondered what Misty Anderson had going on for a snatch patch, and well, now we all know she has a little tiny landing strip – very nice and neat!

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Super Cleavage

I am proud of a lot of things in my life, but one of the thing I am most proud of is my relationship with Misty Anderson. I’ve known her for like forever. I’ll never forget the first day I met her; It was in Phoenix, and she was wearing nothing more than a bikini and high heels.

Just like a fine wine, the older Misty Anderson gets… The better she gets. Not one of us would pass up on the chance to spend the night with Misty Anderson!

super sexy misty anderson 2

Misty Anderson has cleavage and she knows how to use it. She always did.

super sexy misty anderson 9 super sexy misty anderson 1 super sexy misty anderson 3 super sexy misty anderson 4

But what we really want to see is Misty Anderson topless – We want those babies out there on display!

super sexy misty anderson 6

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Huge Boobs

Misty Anderson has large breasts – perfect large breasts… She’s wearing a tiny little lace bra that barely contain her boobies… They look like they are about pop out – the bra is too small and her boobs are just way too big!

misty anderson perky boobs cleavage

Her face is perfect too… But those boobs are about to fall out at any moment and it’s going to be beautiful!

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Time to do a little throwback – and go old school. I like the new, older Misty Anderson, but I still remember back in the day when she was a teen solo girl. The first time I met her she was wearing this smoking hot bikini!

Here she is back in the day with Raven Riley and it looks like these two are about to fuck each other’s brains out in the shower…. They are both buck naked in the shower, have their arms wrapped around each other, and are smashing their boobies together. They can just tell they are going to fuck each other hard, right there in the shower. I am sure there is a strap on dildo some place!


I know how much Misty Anderson loves to bang chicks!

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I have no idea why we have a category for “sunglasses” but we do. Maybe some guys like to fap fap fap to chicks in sunglasses.

Me, I’m just here for Misty Anderson and her sexy bikini and the high heels. Oh who I love girls in bikinis when they are wearing high heels!

sexy misty anderson 13

Chicks like Misty Anderson who wear high heels and bikinis at the same time… Are the kind of hotties that bang on the first date mostly because they want to know if you are any better than the last guy they dated!

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Tight and Perky

Misty Anderson looks all cute and perky today!

sexy misty anderson 12

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Here we go again with Misty Anderson and another hot chick.. All of the hot chicks just flock to Misty Anderson – they can’t get enough of her. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it’s because Misty Anderson is all tits and legs, and a great kisser?

And of course Misty Anderson likes lesbian kisses too…

sexy misty anderson 11

All of the chicks like Misty Anderson because she likes other girls!

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Just when we thought we knew Misty Anderson and thought we knew her best quality, her breasts, she turns around and pulls down her panties and shows off her butt cheeks being separated by a hot sexy thong… Looks like it’s a purple thong with some zebra striping; That’s not important because Misty Anderson has a great ass!

misty anderson sexy thong great ass

Who wouldn’t want to spank that tight ass!

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Now things are starting to heat up here with Misty Anderson… She’s not one for dressing up. Oh, a sexy bustier here and there, high heels, but otherwise she likes her blue jeans and tight t-shirts. (I like that too really.) Misty Anderson is a real girl, and a country girl at heart… I’ve known Misty Anderson for a long long time now and I don’t recall ever seeing her stockings…. That’s hot!

sexy misty anderson 09

What’s even hotter is that Misty Anderson is taking off her clothes!

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